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Hien Luong Bridge- Remind of tear, blood painful separation

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Undergone two fierce War against the French and US army, Viet Nam has suffered the most intense time ever from the establishment.Hien Luong bridge, which was chosen to devide Viet Nam to two parts, was the symbol of painful separation.Tears, Blood and people who has sacrificed for the battles are being right deep in hearts of Vietnamese generations.Today, the Bridge is still there and seen as an important national monument to the reunification of Vietnam
Location of Hien Luong Bridge
Hien Luong bridge
is located in Hien Luong village, ,Vinh Linh district, Quang Tri province. The bridge also crossing Ben Hai river at historical DMZ Viet Nam, where was chosen as a border seprated Viet Nam into two prats from 1954 – 1975.
History of Hien Luong Bridge
Before completely becoming a bridge divided the country, Hien Luong bridge has been through many times destroyed and rebuilt.
The bridge was first built in 1928 by the contribution of locals and Vinh Linh Gorvernment.It was made of wood, pilling iron with 2 meter wide which just enough for walks.

In 1931, Hien Luong bridge was repaired by the French.But still cross the Ben Hai river by ferry for whom using vehicles.
In 1943, the bridge was upgraded so that small vehicles were able to cross the river.
In 1950, the French built Hien Luong Bridge with reinforced concrete with 162meter long, 3.6meter wide, 10 ton deadweight.Two years later, the bridge was destroyed by Vietnamese army for preventing attacks from the French toward Northern.
May 1952, the French built a new bridge which had 7 spans, 178meter long, cylindrical reinforced concrete, 4meter wide. Both sides had a height of 1.2 meter sure, maximum payload of 18 tons bridge.

Hien Luong Bridge, the alive witness of fierce battles
In 1954, the Geneva Agreement was signed. According to this agreement, Vietnam temporarily divided into two regions, taking the 17th parallel with the Ben Hai River as a temporary demarcation line.Hien Luong Bridge was divided into two parts, each side was 89 meter longand painted in two different colors.

Different colors of Hien Luong Bridge
In 1956, Ngo Dinh Diem-presedent of Republic of Viet Nam, broke the rules of the agreement not to hold the reunification as signed before.From then on,within more than 20 years, Hien Luong bridge has been witnessing the most fierce battles.The bridge also witnessed many events of tenacious and heroic struggle .It also became a great symbol for united desire for unity, reunion and reunion of many families and the entire Vietnamese people.
In 1965, the US Army carried out warfare with air and naval wars in the north. From then on, the flag pole Hien Luong was the first target of the aircraft and the US warship. On August 2, 1967, groups of aircraft dropped tons of bombs within a day.Hien Luong bridge has collapsed and also broken down the flag pole .

The restoration of Hien Luong Bridge
In 2001, Hien Luong Bridge was restored same as original design of the old bridge. With 182.97meter long, 7 spans, wooded slate surface and numbered each board.
On September 17, 2003, the historic district Hien Luong Bridge was officially restored and embellished. Hien Luong Bridge relics was restored with greetings, union houses, police station, small watch tower .In March 2014, the bridge was restored to its original state of blue and yellow , the same as it was in the history.

How to get to Hien Luong Bridge?
Hien Luong Bridge belongs to historical DMZ Viet Nam in the middle of Hue and PhongNha. As a result, Hue to DMZ by motorbike or Hue private car tour is the best way to visit this historical area.

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