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If the tourists are so familiar with temples, tombs, poetic landscapes of ancient HUe im perial city , an awesome recommendation at this time is Hue walking street. This place gathers with all conveniences what you want from sightseeing, cuisine to shopping. So amazing for a destination!
Hue walking street location
Hue walking street, a must-visit place for visitors.

Convenient location and visiting time.
Lying on Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, along Perfume River , Hue night street is truly convenient place to come across. Accommodation is always available because of the surrounding of hotels as well as guesthouses. Hue walking street operates every night from 5pm to 11pm – the ideal time to enjoy Hue’s pace of life-slow and peaceful.
The dreamlike and romantic place for sightseeing
Have you ever experienced the feel of walking along Truong Tien Bridge and enjoying a little wind, peaceful stream of Perfume River? There is an evident truth that will be a nice feeling and you will regret for missing this one. Moreover, the decoration of souvenir shops are so eye- catching and unique. On special holidays, people usually hang decorative multi-coloured lanterns and palm-leaf conical hat. Taking some photos here to share with your friends on facebook is a must-do fact when coming poetic Hue walking street
An ideal position for shopping
Here selling many pretty souvenirs such as wooden Hue cyclo, Buddha rosary, Hue’s landscape paintings and so on. Especially, there are so many artists willing to draw a portrait of the tourists. Leaving Hue with a portrait as memorable souvenir of a trip is invaluable one. People also get some clothes, here selling Hue traditional clothing, Ao dai. Some tourists say that they are so proud of them when putting on it. Some say they love Hue people more and more when witnessing the girls in slender Ao dai on Hue walking street.
Destination of tasting Hue food and enjoy the life
There are so many choices for the tourists to enjoy the meal. According to a recent survey, tasting Hue food is the tourists’ first priority when coming Hue for visting. Have you ever known top 8 mouthwatering dishes of Hue food? Bun bo Hue, Com Hen, Bun thit nuong, Nem lui, Banh khoai, Banh beo, Fig salad, Che hat sen- all of them, you could completely find here. It is so easy to eat like a king here because of the reasonable price of food.
Moreover one of the ways to enjoy the life is going through Hue walking streeton the days have the appearance of music band. Here gathering many music clubs from various Universities in Hue area. Also, here is a positive playing-field for teens, students want to show their singing talent. Sipping a cup of coffee and enjoying good music – the motivation makes you come here as soon as possible without hesitation.
Hue walking street- the ideal place for showing singing talent

It is up to you to choose what to eat when coming here but a good recommendation for the tourists is experiencing Hue food tour. We have the guides always willing to travel with you on every way.

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