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Diễn đàn du lịch Việt Nam

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Culinary culture

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Culinary culture is a natural culture formed in life. Especially for Vietnamese people, cuisine is not only a material culture but also a spiritual culture. Through cuisine, one can understand the culture that expresses the dignity of the people, the cultural level of the nation with the ethics, rules, customs in the way of eating.
Vietnamese culinary culture
Vietnamese culinary culture is known for its features such as sociability, diversity, low fat. It is rich in flavor with a combination of seasoned spices to increase the taste and attractiveness of the dishes. Putting all the dishes on a tray and using chopsticks, especially in an indispensable meal is a common custom of the whole Vietnamese nation.

Cusine portrayed the spirit of Vietnamese people
Why we mention that cuisine is the portrayal of Vietnamese spiritual culture? Because it is the expression of beauty in the communication culture, the behavior between members during meals, please each other through polite and educated manners.
From tradition to modern Vietnamese cuisine
The definition of how life is and how to live between Westerners and Easterners is a bit far different. Westerners live rationally, that’s why family meal sometimes is not important. When children reach 18 years old, they would move out and live separately from their parents to have an independent life.
Vietnamese people, on the other hand, should have a habit of gathering to have meals with all of the family. After a hard-working day or a long day of traveling, they always want to return to the common roof to gather together for a warm meal. And this is the time when grandparents, parents, children, siblings sitting together on the tray enjoy the favorite dishes cooked by mother or grandmother. This is the cultural beauty maintained and preserved by Vietnamese people from generation to generation.
The custom of cooking and presenting food of Vietnamese people in the past is very simple. Each meal will have a bowl of rice, accompanies with soup, some savoury dishes and small bowl of fish sauce. Of course, all dishes are presented on a tray for the whole family to eat.
Modern Vietnamese cuisine
Nowadays, Vietnamese cuisine is influenced by Japanese, Korean, Thai and Western cuisines. The introduction of many foreign ingredients and cooking enriches Vietnamese food.
Modern Vietnamese cuisine now focuses more on the presentation, processing and cooking process to create a dish that wakes up the taste and arouses the sight.
Because of the development of these modern dishes, it has created the style in eating of Vietnamese people. It bears both the politeness of Westerner’s dining etiquette, while retaining its rustic features
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