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Highlights in Western cuisine

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Western cuisine has a great influence on the culinary world. Western dishes are always admired by connoisseurs because of the harmony, sophistication but simplicity and elegance. Diners are always “fascinated” by the fat taste of cheese, butter, milk; abundance of spices and specification in processing.

On the other hand, Western cuisine is developing with times and influenced by many culinary cultures such as Spain, Italy, French, etc.

The elegance of Western cuisine

The elegance of Western cuisine
When it comes to the characteristics of Western dishes, we have to mention the elegance of the food decoration and table manners. This feature inherited from French cuisine. France is a country of the magnificence and romance, so its cuisine also brings the delicacy in a very distinctive luxury style.

During a meal of French, the presence of wine is indispensable. In particular, each dish has a proper wine to enhance the taste. Besides wine, sauces are also a notable ingredient of French cuisine. It is a subtle artistic blend between herbs, aromatic leaves and fruits such as cinnamon, lavender, orange, grapefruit,…

French cuisine focuses on enjoying during a meal, the most outstanding things in the banquet tables are the elegant and polite presentation, everything is carefully prepared from the plates to each knife and fork. All these details have partly confirmed the originality of French cuisine, which has been dubbed the cradle of European cuisine.

Harmonious blend of spices and flavours
Regarding to the perfect blend of spices and flavours in Western dishes, we have to mention the Italian cuisine.

It is said that the Italian master chefs are sorcerers in combining different flavors, from fresh food, flour, cereal to herbs, spices... With their magical hands, they create dishes that are both charming and unified while preserving the taste of the ingredients. Some of their highlight dishes are: Pizza, Spaghetti, Tiramisu, Risotto, Lasagna… which best describe for the seasoning combination.

Apart from Italian cuisine, the mixture of ingredients and spices also enrich European cuisine. Spain is blessed with many






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