Diễn đàn du lịch Việt Nam
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Diễn đàn du lịch Việt Nam

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Sapa Tours – Explore The Tourism Centre of The Northwest

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Sapa town is 1,600 meters above sea level, 38 km and 376 km from Lao Cai city from Hanoi. Although the majority of Sapa district residents are ethnic minorities, the town concentrates mainly Kinh people living on agriculture and tourism services. With http://www.asiamastertours.com/tour-item/sapa-homestay-tours-4-days/ is you will gain more remarkable experience for your trip in Vietnam.

Although located in northern Vietnam, Sapa should have a humid tropical monsoon climate. But due to its high terrain and close to the tropics, Sapa has a humid, temperate subtropical climate, cool air around. year. In the summer, the weather in the town is like a full four seasons. It is cool in the morning and afternoon. But the weather is very cold like in the winter at night.

In recent years, Sapa has made changes in the way of tourism such as building a tourist-friendly environment, saying no to street vendors and wearing tourists. Along with that, the accommodation establishments in Sapa are increasingly invested and developed. That can meet tens of thousands of tourists pouring in at the same time. So Sapa Homestay Tours is a great choice for travelers.

You will be never disappointed with our Sapa homestay tours. We hope you can enjoy your trip during your stay in Vietnam.

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