Diễn đàn du lịch Việt Nam
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Diễn đàn du lịch Việt Nam

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Sapa Tours – Immerse Yourself In Nature With Unique Experience

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Sapa with a cool climate around the year is an attractive holiday destination. This place is for who love nature and want to experience the exotic wildness of the Northwest region. From here, with http://www.asiamastertours.com/tour-item/sapa-trekking-tours-3-days/, hikers launch themselves into a surrounding countryside of cascading rice terraces and tiny hill-tribe villages. As a result, once you’ve stepped out into the lush fields, you’ll understand the Sapa area’s real charm. Therefore, joining Sapa Trekking Tours is one of the best ways you can do to explore the life and beauty of Sapa.

Firsly, if you love nature, the trekking route to Lao Chai – Ta Van could be your best choice. On the way, you will witness the wonderful beauty of terraced fields. That can’t be captured by photos. These villages belong to H’Mong ethnic.

Secondly, if you are a culture enthusiast, trekking to to Ma Tra- Ta Phin is not a bad choice. Here, you will observe the locals making brocade or enjoy the famous bathe with herbal leaves of Red Dao ethnic people.

We start Sapa Tour Trekking through the beautiful Muong Hoa Valley to Y Linh Ho village. This is home to Black Hmong minorities. If weather is nice, you can enjoy wonderful views across the valley with mountains and rice terraces as far as the eyes can see. Next stop on the route is Lao Chai which was an established Hmong minority village.

Let’s come with us to have one of the greatest chances to explore Vietnam on high magnitudes and beyond the clouds. The beautiful, dreamy and magnificent nature is waiting for you! So we hope you can enjoy this amazing Sapa Trekking Tours.

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