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Diễn đàn du lịch Việt Nam

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Sapa trekking – one of things to do in Northern Vietnam

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Have you ever wondered why most of foreign travelers who visited Vietnam always recommend Sapa trekking? If you are curious about it, let read this article to find out why people like Sapa trekking

1. Convenient transports
To reach Sapa, you have a wide range of transportation. In my opinion, the most comfortable and the easiest way is catch a train. The train journey from Hanoi is long but it is a very comfortable overnight trip. Each carriage contains 2 or 4 beds depending on the price. With a night train, you will have chance to sleep well at night to get ready for Sapa trekking.
Another removal is sleeper buses. This kind of transportation drives you directly to Sapa town and saves your time more than the train. Although you still can sleep on the bus, it’s not as spacious as one carriage. Your muscles might ache a little bit and not get ready for Sapa trekking right away.

sapa train

2. The curious Sapa town
You can start your Sapa trekking in Sapa town. With its atmosphere, you would feel it like Hanoi’s Old Quarter, however; it’s not as busy as Hanoi. There are lots of things to do here. You can go around and find a coffee shop that has excellent town view. Or you should go around to do some shopping. Believe me! You will find various interesting things at their market.

Or you can have a short sapa trekking to some exotic places in town. For instance, you must go to Sapa Cathedral stock. This cathedral is located in the heart of Sapa town, Sapa stone church built in 1895 is considered a remaining ancient architectural imprint of colonial –French style. Sapa Cathedral stock embellished and preserved for decades has become an indispensable image referring to the town of Sapa.

Sapa Cathedral stock

There are plentiful interesting places near Sapa town for your short Sapa trekking. You can spend half day or one day to go around all those places. The next day you can take a Sapa trekking to others points out of the town. For the most convenient Sapa trekking, I recommend you to take a Sapa map or ask the receptionist more information about those places.

3. The diversity of ethnic minorities
During your Sapa trekking, you will meet lot of people coming from different ethnic groups. Sapa is a home of eight different ethnic minorities in Vietnam. The most common ones are from the H’mong tribe. These tribal people are working women who will trek with you all the way to the mountains. And don’t worry if you don’t speak Vietnamese because their English is quite good.

sapa people

4. Sapa trekking in Hoang Lien Son mountain range
This mountain is definitely the masterpiece of the nature. If you take a Sapa trekking at Hoang Lien Son mountain, you will have magnificent views of landscapes.The landscape does change as you get to different parts of the mountains in your trek. The more you climb, the more you experience this.

hoang lien son mountain

If you are a mountaineering lover, you shouldn’t miss the chance to conquer the Fansipan Mount, which is so-called “the Roof of Indochina”. It will become one of the most unforgettable memories of your Sapa trekking.

5. The most impressive landscapes
I have to say that Sapa is the magical land. You can come there any time of the year and you may realize that the beauty of landscapes in each season is stunning in different way. And what is the best way to enjoy it? Sapa trekking is absolutely the concrete answer.

If you take a Sapa trekking on September, yellow terrace sparkling impresses you right away. This breathtaking view will be imprinted in your mind and motives you to come back again and again. Don’t forget charging your camera or your phone to take lots of incredible photos.

Or you can take a Sapa trekking on February. At this time, instead of sparkling terrace, Sapa brings you to the Land of Flowers. In the cold weather, you will have a Sapa trekking through the trails full of peach blossom. This poetic scene makes you feel like being in the world of fairy tales. Moreover, you also are impressed by the pure white of plum flowers.

Sapa is not only impressive but also dreamlike, which makes this destination become the ideal place for you to explore Sapa nature through Sapa trekking.

6. Ethnic children
All Vietnamese ethnic kids are not an exception to working, even they are very little. Although they can excess to basic education, it’s tough for them because the school is really far from their homes and they all walk to school. And when they don’t have classes, they are out to sell to tourists. They will touch your heart, especially when some 7 to 9 year-old kids follow you on your Sapa trekking route to sell you their trinkets.

sapa children

I recommend you to buy their things instead of giving them candies. This is because they are cheap and it can help these little kids meals for the day.

7. Nature and more nature
Despite of the vigorous development of tourism, the nature of Sapa is still virgin. From forests to every flower is nurtured by the nature without the human hand. It can make your Sapa trekking become more joyful and more relaxing.

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